Welcome to the new city of  
In the new Toronto we wont tolerate
so called  'Homelessness'  any longer !
Our proud city is sick of seeing all the poor
and displaced people littering our streets so
our mayor Mel Lastman has decided to
declare WAR on the homeless in this
city,  starting first with the notorious
"Squeegee Kids".
The mayor intends to cooperate with
Toronto police and have all those horrible
bums rounded up and sent to jail for
their crimes. How dare they have
no home and no money, we spit on you !
Get a haircut,  get a job,  get a life  !
The elected officials in this town intend
to solve the homeless problem allright !
We're rounding you poor bums up and
sending you off to jail where you belong !
Maybe with time you'll learn to rob and
steal for a living like the rest of us. We
don't expect you to ever accomplish it
on a scale such as we have here at city council,
or behind closed doors in boardrooms on Bay St.
But either way we will crush you the people,
the citizens of this city if you dare to be poor, or
even worse should chose not to conform to the
standard 'norm' of society, if your not carefull
we'll get city council council to pass a bill to ban
blue hair in public ! Watch out grannies here we come !,
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